Information on the Wedding Packages we offer

All of our packages include a high resolution Data DVD of all of the Photos taken on the day, the images are not copyrighted or watermarked in any way, you can take this DVD to most Photo Labs to get your photos and enlargements printed.
We edit and retouch all of your photos with Adobe Photo Shop before printing or burning to DVD.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.


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About Our Premium Photo Books

All photo pages are printed using state of the art digital offset printing technology - at an astounding 3,600 dpi - the higest resolution available today (most photo-books are printed at only 600 dpi).
The additional resolution gives all images extra depth in colour and detail. Images jump off the page and resemble true photo quality.

Our premium albums have a traditional album look and feel and are printed on premium photo board (1.2mm thick) unlike other albums which are only available with 300gsm pages (similar to the thickness of a standard business card).

Our premium album and book pages are individually laminated/varnished with a 100% UV resistant layer, making them resistant to:

  • Fading (light fast)
  • Wear and Tear
  • Liquid Spills (simply mop up any spills)
  • Stains

Our premium albums are perfect bound and available in a wide range of covers including linen/leather look as well as printed hard covers.